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The Future Is Automated


An Integrated Approach to Building Operation 

Unlock the hidden value in technology you already own. 

Unused features and functionality within the hardware, applications or platforms that you already own have the potential to unlock new value and enhance your buildings operation. Discovering and harnessing these unused features reduces duplication costs, meaning fewer vendors to pay... Improves productivity, increases efficiency, and can even provide unexpected solutions to existing challenges. Oftentimes, owners may not be aware of these features due to a lack of awareness and vendor transparency. However, once discovered and understood, these unused features can provide a wealth of benefits.

For the Operators


Servicing, integrating, and optimizing building automation is essential for modern construction and facility management. It involves maintaining and troubleshooting automation components, integrating subsystems for efficient operations, and optimizing algorithms to minimize energy consumption and enhance performance. This comprehensive approach ensures buildings operate at their full potential, offering enhanced functionality and sustainability.

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For the Constructors


Inspections, audits, and reviews play a crucial role in building construction and operation by reducing risk, ensuring compliance, providing quality assurance, and continuous improvement. During construction, verify that you get what you pay for, set the tone with vendors and trade divisions, align for operational preparedness, prevent potential gaps and missed scope and flag sequencing issues before they become delays.


Building Systems change hands and "ownership" multiple times durring a building's life cycle. Our system bridges the gaps between trades, construction managers, owners and operators. We consolidate system ownership, user access, documentation, maintenace and training making changing hands seamless and hassle free.   

Bridging the ownership gap from developmet to operations

For the Managers


Niagara 4 seamlessly integrates diverse devices and systems from various manufacturers, providing you with a holistic view of your building's performance. Our intuitive and customizable dashboards offer advanced visualization, enabling you to effortlessly monitor, analyze, and make informed decisions to maximize efficiency.


For the Building Life Cycle


The most needed individual in the industry, bar none! Great "Owner Rep's"must posses 4 key traits:


A deep understanding of the current gaps between building systems and operating technology.


An intimate understanding of the goals, objectives, and processes of disparate teams involved in the building's life cycle, from development to long-term operation.


Insider knowledge and experience identifying the objective clashes of individual vendor positioning, and  a toolbox of solutions as to effectively plan and navigate these conflicts


A rare combined body of knowledge that can consistently bridge the divergent group objectives and ensure the building's success throughout its entire lifecycle.

For the Asset


Building operator training provides operators with the skills and knowledge to manage and maintain technology-driven components of a building, including HVAC, energy management, security, and automation systems. This training enhances operators' proficiency in troubleshooting, monitoring, and implementing best practices to improve efficiency, reliability, and safety. By investing in training programs, building owners and operators can lower operating costs, optimize technology benefits, enhance occupant comfort, reduce energy consumption, and extend the lifespan of critical building systems.


We provide extensive and highly specialized support throughout all phases of a buildings lifecycle. 


Building automation and building system optimization, maintenance, service and training.


Connected building systems/ technical services advisor and project delivery support for constructors and developers.   


Owner representative for the selection and implimentation of operating technology and vendor partners.

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